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Premium optical fibers and ultra-compact cable designs combine to create reliable low-power data center solutions optimized for rapid deployment.

Better Fiber for Better Connections

As multimode links progress to higher Ethernet and InfiniBand speeds and BiDi solutions are adopted, it is increasingly more important to ensure that high-quality multimode fibers are specified. 

OFS LaserWave® Optical Fibers have industry-leading performance to deliver reliable ultra-low-loss multimode links: 

  • Most stringent DMD bandwidth specifications, exceeding both EMB and mask width specifications 
  • Lowest attenuation 
  • Tightest glass geometry and NA tolerances for ultra-low loss connections 
  • Reduced microbend sensitivity to enable challenging cable constructions 

First To Market with Multimode Rollable Ribbon Fiber Optic Cable

LaserWave Optical Fibers are color-coded and partially bonded into a flexible ribbon that is ideal for MPO termination and easily breaks-out into individual fibers or pairs. OFS Rollable Ribbon Fiber Optic Cables are much smaller and lighter in weight when compared to standard flat-ribbon cables or parallel sets of AOCs within the data center. 

Multimode Rollable Ribbon cables are shipping now in a variety of fiber counts. Compact and lightweight R-Pack™ Backbone Fiber Optic Cables are plenum (12-72 fiber) or dual-rated (Riser and LSZH/CPR 12-144 fiber) for use in demanding building applications.

Higher fiber counts are available in AccuRiserTM I/O Dual-Rated Fiber Optic Cables (Riser and LSZH/CPR 144-864 fibers). AccuRiser cables simplify transitions from outdoor to indoor use and feature a dual flame rating for universal use throughout much of the world.

New LaserWave Dual-Band OM4+ Multimode Optical Fiber

As multimode lane rates increase, and BiDi solutions are adopted:

  • Maximum link distance drops (especially OM3)
  • OM4, OM4+, OM5 demand increases

LaserWave Dual-Band OM4+ sits between OM4 and OM5 and is a cost-effective premium fiber for BiDi applications where two wavelengths are used. It provides OM5-equivalent performance between 850nm and 910nm to support BiDi applications, without supporting the full SWDM4 range up to 953nm. 

OFS LaserWave Optical Fibers and Rollable Ribbon Fiber Optic Cables are manufactured in the USA to meet the highest quality standards while continually striving to reduce our environmental impact. 

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